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San Antonio Texas, US

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$150.00 for 60 minutes


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Assisted Stretching, Deep Tissue, Deep tissue-strong hands, Gay Massage, M2M, Myofascial, naked, Reiki, Rolfing, Shiatsu

Welcome to my massage profile: *I WORK ON A MASSAGE TABLE* I am a bodybuilder weighing 215 pounds of lean hard muscle standing 6’ 1”. i work naked and provide an intense M2M therapeutic and sensual massage. I am a professionally trained therapist and held a Rhode Island license in 2000 for massage therapy. I am also a certified Reiiki Practitioner in the state of Florida and utilize energy healing in my massage. My technique is unique and unlike anyone else's. Just ask the many clients who have reviewed me on here from the 20 states I visit regularly. My training is enhanced with my college education in Nursing and Pharmacy and Naturapathy and competitive bodybuilding/coaching. I have an extremely intuitive approach to my massage fueled by my gift as a clairesentient and empath. This allows me to channel chi the universal life force energy and balance the chakras in the body. I use moderate to deep pressure in a Lomi Lomi and Shiatsu and trigger point technique with soft tissue and joint manipulation techniques and active stretching. My clients often say they have never experienced the intricate positions my hands make in maneuvering over the muscles on the body. This is my own technique not taught in massage schools. I have restored joint mobility, removal of scar tissue/fibrosis, knots and tension and neuromuscular sciatica. I also can adjust pressure to a softer more relaxing effleurage all depending on your massage needs. I am based in Fort Lauderdale but travel frequently to other cities. Allow yourself to be massaged by a true healer who is a cut above the rest in many ways. I have worked on many people who come to me because of a problem that could not be resolved so do careful research when looking for someone qualified by paying attention to the reviews and how we describe our massage in our profiles. Trust your instincts. Your first intuition is usually the right one. It would be a pleasure to be able to work on you and make you feel great! Best way to set up an appointment is to text me and if you do not get a reply right away please be patient as I am probably in session and never like to reply back to texts until I am done with my massage. After all it is your time. Thank you!


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